Create Online Courses

Build on science and 20 years of practical teaching experience.
  • Create and offer your own courses.
  • Improve with suggestions from Kyna AI.
  • Sell your courses around the world.
Video still showing Wouter de Vos explaining the Kyna Method to the camera.

Offer Students and Teachers the Course They Deserve

Choose the Kyna Method

Create engaging, accessible, and exciting content for your students. We will help you author the best content we know by providing you with two unique resources. Our 20 years of practical teaching experience and creating our own content will set you and your students up for success. As students go through your course, Kyna's self-learning AI learns which parts need your attention. After a while, you get insights and recommendations to improve essential parts of your materials. This will help you evolve your course over time, ensuring your students get the best you have to offer them.

Your students get the best you have to offer them.

Learning should be interactive, accessible and exciting

Kyna is for schools, organisations, teachers, and experts who want to see their students succeed in finishing their courses.