Online Learning

Built on science and 20 years of practical teaching experience.
  • Create and offer your own courses.
  • Complement with courses from our catalogue.
  • Sell your courses around the world.
Video still showing Wouter de Vos explaining the Kyna Method to the camera.

E-Learning Has Become The Default For Gathering New Skills

But up to 80% of online students drop out of online classes.

The World-Wide E-Learning Market is Expected to Reach $1TN in 2028. 40% of Fortune 500 companies use e-learning solutions, mobile e-learning is growing fast and more and more schools are switching – or have switched – to online only, especially since COVID.

Meanwhile, students aren't digging it. They report technical issues, lack of relevance, loneliness and boredom to be the main reasons to not finishing their online courses. In short, we need a better way.

We need a better way.

How Kyna Works

Let science lead the way.

A diagram that represents a 3-step circular process.
  1. Authors Publish Content
    Kyna guides experts in the process of publishing excellent content the way we've done it for 20 years.
  2. Students Learn
    Students start learning, completing exercises, and expanding their competenties.
  3. Kyna AI Gathers Data
    Kyna's algorithms find places to improve content and gives feedback for the authors to implement.

Rinse and repeat.

A diagram that represents a 3-step circular process.

Learning should be interactive, accessible and exciting

Kyna is for schools, organisations, teachers, and experts who want to see their students succeed in finishing their courses.